Hair Loss in Women. Why Me?

Hair loss in women is very common. Woman experiencing thinning hair may suffer in silence, women often do not discuss hair loss as much as men might. Since most do not speak on this topic, some women feel alone and are not aware of how common this issue actually is.

10 Facts About Women’s Hair Loss

  1. Hair loss affects women of all ages, ethnicities, and nationalities.
  2. Over 21 million women experience female pattern baldness.
  3. Women often experience diffused hair thinning, commonly called androgenic alopecia.
  4. Most women dealing with hair thinning and loss are between the ages of 25-35.
  5. At the age of 35, hair density changes and is not always noticeable until your 40’s or even 50’s.
  6.  25% of female thinning hair is caused by an increase in dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
  7. Women often experience thinning or loss of eyebrows and eye lashes, as well.
  8. 50% of women will have some form of hair loss by the age of 50.
  9. Hair shedding from stress can be temporary, but 1 in 4 women who are predisposed to genetic hair loss, will not be able to re-grow hair.
  10. Menopause can cause hair thinning in up to 40% of women due to changes in hormones.

What Are My Options? 

Low Level Laser Therapy

LLLT is an approved treatment by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), known to help increase blood circulation to the hair follicles [1]. Laser therapy has demonstrated proliferative effects in a variety of tissues and cell types, including hair follicles [2]. LLLT induces proliferation, migration, oxygenation, anti-inflammation, adhesion and transition of hair follicles from telogen (non-growing) to anagen (growing). All studies including LLLT found significantly more dense hair following treatment protocols. SUCRA (surface under the cumulative ranking) scores proved Low-Level Laser Therapy to be one of the most effective hair growth treatments, followed by PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections, finasteride and minoxidil [23].

Providers assign protocols in both men and women to increase hair density and promote growth with Low-Level Laser Therapy. Higher quality laser devices are available in professional offices and there are also at-home devices readily available to the consumer. 

PepFactor Scalp Treatments

PepFactor Scalp is an advanced scalp and hair health treatment formulated with the world’s first and ONLY authentic basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) combined with Copper Peptides. It proves to be more effective than PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections. PepFactor Scalp’s natural formulation works to offer regenerative properties for hair regrowth. PepFactor Scalp stimulates collagen and heals tissues around hair follicles, which in turn improves hair and scalp health and regenerates hair. Most patients see results within the first few weeks after their first treatment, results are best when done in a series and results may vary between individuals.

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