By: Tim Wilson Director at ReGen Factor – PepFactor Partner Sydney, Australia

Universal Medical Research Pty Ltd Australia  has announced a distribution and marketing partnership with HPI Hair Partners (HPI) based in Nashville, TN, and FaceMedStore (FMS) based in NJ, for Exclusive Distribution of PepFactor Skin and PepFactor Scalp cosmetic serums in the territories of Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

PepFactor ReLUX Low Level Laser

The UMA and FMS partnership includes offering ground-breaking PepFactor ReLUX Low Level Laser technology, a world class, energy-based Low Level Laser and Far Infrared platform FDA Cleared for treating Androgynous alopecia in both men and women. The PepFactor ReLUX Low Level Laser with Far Infrared enhances the portfolio of aesthetic practitioners and provides an extension treatment to existing products and treatments like skin needling, PRP treatments and pain free UMA Laser and IPL Hair Removal and various skin treatments.

The PepFactor ReLUX Low Level Laser is a world class, powerful, Class II, FDA registered device that effectively treats hair loss caused by Androgynous Alopecia in both men and women and is one of the only few known in-spa devices on the market that can safely and professionally treat Androgenous Alopecia in both men and women.

“A key differentiator is the proprietary Low Level Lasers combined with Far-Infrared technology, which creates an energy reaction between the device and the scalp surface, resulting in a uniquely natural warming of the scalp and capillaries increasing blood flow to the treatment area to provide nourishment to the hair follicles resulting in stronger hair follicles and thicker, healthier scalp and hair”.

Consistent and long-lasting effects are what makes the PepFactor ReLUX Low Level Laser from UMA a standout treatment in aesthetic dermatology.

Stephen Blignaut said “The PepFactor ReLUX Low Level Laser treatment is effective for a wide variety of demographics, including all Fitzpatrick skin types offering a successful solution in hair regrowth areas that were historically considered difficult to treat”.

Dr Soni said: “The ReLUX Low Level Laser with Far Infrared harnesses the power of modern Technology to target and rejuvenate the scalp stimulating hair regrowth in men and women”.

Kimberly Vaughn, CEO and co-founder of HPI Hair Partners, takes advantage of the scalp rejuvenation and hair regrow benefits offered by the Low Level Laser Therapy and Far infrared advanced technology. Vaughn uses a LLLT device for scalp rejuvenation and hair regrowth she explained. LLLT patients love their outcomes, especially with the hair regrowth in both men and women. 

Dr Soni said: “In practitioner’s experience, the Low Level Laser Therapy is an exciting and viable option for scalp rejuvenation and hair regrowth in men and women, providing significant hair regrowth and ongoing results with little downtime. In as little as four treatments over four weeks results of hair regrowth may become visible in most cases, there is no downtime after a treatment and people are back to their normal activities immediately after a treatment with results that continue to improve over time. ReLUX Low Level Laser treatments is an effective alternative to hair transplantation if someone does not have the luxury of the prolonged downtime associated with hair transplantation”.

To combat the visible signs of aging, the ReLUX Low Level Laser can help any aesthetic physician create a purposeful outcome for hair regrowth, as their patients enjoy continued improvement for several weeks to months.

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