2021 presents an excellent opportunity to start new and fresh and leave the challenges of 2020 behind. It is a good time to consider new services to increase your revenue and expand your esthetics business. Clients are always searching for the latest and greatest developments in the aesthetics realm. PepFactor Skin and Scalp should be your choice for 2021! PepFactor’s basic fibroblasts growth factors (bFGF) are bioidentical, authentic complex proteins generously accepted by the skin and body. PepFactor is a great product for your clients with skin and scalp issues. The additional ingredients, hydrating hyaluronic acid for the skin and nourishing copper peptides for the scalp, are topicals of which your client most likely has familiarity aiding in the sales factor.

Advantages of PepFactor Skin and Scalp for your business:

Convinced that PepFactor Skin and Scalp will increase your revenues? Well, what do the products offer your clients? PepFactor Skin offers skin rejuvenation and a more youthful appearance while PepFactor Scalp stimulates collagen and heals the tissues surrounding the hair follicle resulting in healthier hair and scalp to entice follicle growth.

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